Xenon Pictures suggestions for STADIUM

Mitch:  these are mostly in no order, some are instantly releasable, some are not, whether it’s elements or rights or both.

I’ll be updating this to have relevant information on each title as to the individual situations.

Needs to be remastered in HD.  Not too hard to extend, but harder than some.  Spanish Language.  Good names.

Needs to be remastered in HD (easy to do).  Pretty good film.  Great name(s)  
We’re going to do this one, but will rush it if need be.

English/Hispanic  SD….Spanish subs.

SD ready to go

HD…elements at Premiere…Up on a few Premiere platforms.  (iTunes? Amazon?)

I THINK HD…probably CAN’T use the Lampoon name any more….maybe.   
Up on some platforms.