“A top draw”—Carl Hanni, Tucson Weekly

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America 101

Miguel Castro, Richard Azurdia, Christine Carlo, Jordi Caballero, Gerald Brodin

Mark A. Russell

Angel (Miguel Castro- Crazy/Beautiful) is bored with life in his small Mexican town and plans to cross the border to live the great “american Dream”.  His more practical older brother, Carlos (Richard Azurdia- “Kingpin”), has no such fantasies, but decides to tag along because it might solve the family’s money problems.  Their journey gets off to a rough start when they are abandoned by their smuggler (Jordi Caballero-  Poseidon) and are forced to fend for themselves in the Arizona desert.  Following strange and hilarious adventure involving cowboys, Indians, psychedelics and things that go boom, the boys find themselves in Tucson, where they work as day-laborers and sleep in the park, living as social outcasts.  If this is the American Dream, Angel and Carlos need a wake-up call!





Mark A. Russell

WINNER: 2005 DancesWithFilms Film Festival Audience Award WINNER: 2005 Golden Film Festival Audience Award Finalist 2005 Wilmington Independent Film Festival Audience Award Official Selection 2005 Arizona International Film Festival

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