The Winans: The Lost Concert

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The Winans: The Lost Concert

The Winans, The Commissioned, Vanessa Bell Armstrong

Imagine organizing one of the biggest Gospel music concerts in the history of Detroit and preserving it on videotape.  Everything’s working according to plan: The artists and their managers all agree that videotaping the concert is a great idea; The Winans, Commissioned and Vanessa Bella Armstrong give fantastic performances; the camera and sound crews capture every nuance.  The only problem is it’s 1984, and no one believes there is a market for Gospel concerts on video.  So the tapes are places on a shelf and forgotten.

For more than a decade the performances contained on this video were literally lost, and the search went on for years for this “Lost Concert.”  But after much prayer and a whole lot of searching, the tapes were finally located in a box in the basement where they had been since 1984.  After a review of the tapes, it was clear that the performances have withstood the test of time and offer one of the finest evenings of music ministry ever captures on video.

The Lost Concert offers performances by The Winans, Commissioned (with the original line-up) and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, three of the most popular acts in Gospel music, in the early stages of their careers.  These performances bear witness to the Divine inspiration that originally compelled these artists, now all veterans in their fields of ministry, to go forth and minister to an ailing world- a ministry to which each remains faithful.

That which was lost has now been found, and all will be blessed that view The Lost Concert.

<p>“The most important group of the last 30 years in pushing the crossover of gospel into both soul and pop radio”-</p>