Directed by Bill Parker
90 mins
Remastered from Original Elements! "Breaking Bad"s 'Gus Fring' Stars!


Jasmine Guy, Giancarlo Esposito, Paul Campbell, Carl Bradshaw

“An explosive sun-drenched, rum-soaked thriller.”—Sundance Film Festival

Steeped in the humid atmosphere of Jamaica, and set against a classic, pulsating score, KLA$H combines the hard-edged style of THE HARDER THEY COME with a the sultry intrigue of film noir.  Stoney (Giancarlo Esposito- “Breaking Bad”), a world-weary photographer past his prime, comes to Kingston to photograph the Klash, an electrifying battle of the world’s best Reggae and Dancehall performers.  he believes this to be a routine assignment, but soon finds himself under the spell of Blossom ( Jasmine Guy- “DEAD Like Me”), the steamy goddess of the dancehalls and the “property” of underworld kingpin Mr. Lee (Lucien Chen).  Unhappy in her life as a gun moll, she sees Stoney as her ticket out.

Blossom has devised a seamless plan to steal the box-office receipts generated by the Klash- if Mr. Lee and his double-crossing thugs don’t beat her to it!  There is apparently no honor amongst, thieves, and with the police, led by Lieutenant Loveless (Cedella Marley-  The Mighty Quinn), quickly closing in, the stakes become dizzyingly high in this race for money, power and freedom.

<p>“An explosive sun-drenched, rum-soaked thriller.”—Sundance Film Festival</p>