Thug Immortal

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Thug Immortal

Tupac Shakur

THUG IMMORTAL is an inside look at the life of pop icon and legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, who with his explosive poetry, stunning good looks and thug sensibility, reached a superstar status second to none.  Tupac’s legend was crystallized in 1996 when he was gunned down in a gangland shooting-an event had had predicted many times-at the age of 25.

THUG IMMORTAL assembles a complex and extremely human portrait through never-before-seen footage and rare interviews with the people who knew him best.  A brilliant platinum-selling artist and charismatic actor, Tupac seemed to excel at everything he tried, except escaping the gangsta’s fate.

THUG IMMORTAL searches beneath Tupac’s thug veneer for his vulnerable heart, exposing the Tupac that the media never knew.