Sudie and Simpson

Directed by Joan Tewkesbury
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Sudie and Simpson

Louis Gossett Jr., Sara Gilbert, Frances Fisher, John Jackson

Academy Award  winner LOUIS GOSSET, JR. (An Officer and a GentlmanHercules, Iron Eagle) and SARAH GILBERT (co-star of TV’s “Roseanne”, High Fidelity) star in this poignant tale of love and hatred in the racially-torn South of the 1940’s.

While out wandering one day, tomboyish 12-year-old Sudie discovers Simpson, a black man living in secret on the outskirts of the racially restricted town of Linlow.  Adding  to her astonishment is his apparent kindness, which is a sharp contrast to everything she had been told about people of color by her parents, her preacher, and her neighbors.  Simpson, however, is gripped with fear at being discovered, believing that every man in Linlow may soon be after him with a shotgun.

Filmed on location in Georgia and based on Sara Flanigan Carter’s autobiographical novel SUDIE AND SIMPSON follows the very  special relationship between a spirited young girl and a gentle black man she befriends.