Story of a 3-Day Pass

Directed by Melvin Van Peebles
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Story of a 3-Day Pass

Remastered from Original Elements!
Harry Baird, Nicole Berger, Christian Marin, Pierre Doris

Infused with quirky jazz and pop music and shot in a style that has since become the quintessential expression of ‘60s European cinema, Story of A 3-Day Pass tells the tale of an African American soldier stationed in Europe, and the racism he encounters from his fellow soldiers following his idyllic three-day affair with a young French woman (Nicole Berger).

Film historians cite Story of A 3-Day Pass, based on Van Peebles’ French novel La Permission, as the first major film by a black director released in the United States.

<p>“The film is a moving and brutally honest achievement from Van Peebles…” -TV Guide</p>