Snoop Dogg’s HOOD of HORROR

Directed by Tim Sullivan
87 mins

Snoop Dogg’s HOOD of HORROR

Snoop Dogg, Ernie Hudson, Anson Mount, Danny Trejo, Jason Alexander, Lin Shaye

Welcome to the Hood of Horror, a place where your actions in this life determine your ultimate fate.  Follow Snoop Dogg through three terrifying tales from this nefarious neighborhood, whose depraved denizens can all look forward to a very unpleasant eternity.

SNOOP DOGG’S HOOD OF HORROR features live-action horror combined with gore-filled anime sequences, created by Japan’s Madhouse under the supervision of Academy Award -winner John Gaeta (The Matrix trilogy).  This bone-chilling, gut-bursting trilogy of terror proves once and for all IT AIN’T ALL GOOD IN  DA HOOD!