Rudy Ray Moore: Live at Wetlands

Directed by Donald H. Randell

Rudy Ray Moore: Live at Wetlands

Rudy Ray Moore

Rudy Ray Moore, star of the cult hits Dolemite, The Human Tornado and Petey Wheatstraw, returns to his R&B roots in this incredible September, 2000 live performance at Wetlands, NYC. Backed by vocal group The Raytones and a solid Blues band led by Jimmy. Motion” Lynch, the man who taught America how to rap is back to show us how to sing the Blues.

Performing songs from his recent CDs Hully Gully Fever and Hip Shakin’ Papa, Rudy Ray draws on a repertoire 55 yeras in the making. Along with R&B classics “Ready, Willing and Able” and “Do You Call That a Buddy?” are originals like “Hully Gully Fever” and “Angels on Earth,” as well as liberal doses of Rudy Ray’s (in)famous rap comedy.

Here are both sides of Rudy Ray Moore – the soulful R&B crooner and bad, bad Dolemite – together in one unforgettable live show!


<p>“…he wisecracked his way through a world of uncontrollable lusts and endless battles: men challenging men for dominance, and women demanding that men perform.”—The New York Times</p>