The film that inspired the hit NBC series!

Josh Hamilton, Larry Pine, Ayesha Dharker, Arjun Mathur

John Jeffcoat

U.S. based Western Novelty decides to outsource it’s personnel to India and as a result a large number of employees are let go. Before he himself is let go, Todd Anderson is instructed to travel to Gharapuri to train Purohit to replace him. He travels there via Mumbai, and finds his name comically mispronounced as ‘Toad’. He realizes that he must educate himself about Indian culture before he could even think of Americanizing Purohit and his subordinates. With the help of the new Assistant Manager, Asha Bhatwadekar, he sets about learning about Devi Maa Kali, Bhagwan Shri Shankar, reveling in Holi festivities, common lingo, the importance of cows, and eating at Mac Donnel’s.





103 min

English, Hindi

John Jeffcoat

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