Lord Shango

Directed by Ray Marsh
92 mins
"A devil of a movie"

Lord Shango

A Battle Between Gospel Glory and Shango SACRIFICE! Remastered from Original Elements! 1974 lost blaxploitation/horror classic!
Marlene Clarke Lawrence Cook Wally Taylor

In this atmospheric blaxploitation classic, a young Christian mother turns away from her faith to a more ancient religion… and summons a tribal priest from the dead to avenge her teenage daughter.

Rarely seen since its original release, this striking blend of folklore, African traditions, and supernatural menace stars cult icon Marlene Clark (Night Of The Cobra Woman, Ganja and Hess, Enter The Dragon). It’s also one of the rare instances of the blending of horror with ‘blaxploitation’!

“Rife with powerful allegory … A film of style and deep substance that ranks among the best independent works of 1970s Black cinema.” – Screen Slate

With a great tribal funk soundtrack by Howard Roberts

Screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival August 2023 as part of the MIFF Critics’ Campus

<p>This came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks…. extremely well constructed …. I can’t recommend it enough! – Chris Kirby, Letterboxd</p>