“An erotic thriller”—TV Guide

Fatal Pursuit

L.P. Brown III, Shannon Whirry, Malcolm McDowell, Charles Napier, Larry Manetti

Eric Louzil

British insurance investigator Jill Winters partners with private eye Deghy to recover a multimillion dollar stash of stolen diamonds hidden somewhere in New Orleans. Jill and Deghy are total opposites, and her refined manner instantly clashes with his streetwise style, but as their work brings them closer together, they find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. A terrifying web of intrigue is gradually revealed as Jill and Deghy learn that their supposed ally, Detective Gersi, is really a bad cop who’s on the take from Bechtel, mastermind of the diamond heist. Sparks fly as a proper British insurance investigator partners with a streetwise private eye to recover a stash of stolen diamonds, revealing a web of intrigue that includes disreputable city officials.





Eric Louzil

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