The Dolemite Explosion

Rudy Ray Moore, Jimmy Lynch, Jerry Jones, Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, David Ward

Yes, the baddest black action hero of all time-Rudy Ray Moore-is back as Dolemite!  This time around our legendary hero returns home to Los Angeles after a long sojourn in deepest Africa to find L.A. overrun with guns, drugs, and thugs.  Crime boss Almo Green (Jimmy Lynch) and his gang of violent hoodlums have taken over the old neighborhood, killing whoever stands in their way.  Green’s power reaches deep into the city-from the nightclubs all the way to the corrupt police department.  But Dolemite finds an ally in his old pal Detective Blakely (Jerry Jones), and together they wage a war to take back the city from Green and his band of gangsters.  With the aid of a secret weapon-African “Voodoo Juice”-Dolemite unleashes his special powers on all who stand in his way to outrageous effect.

So sit back, relax, and screw your wig on tight!  The Dolemite Explosion is a must-see collector’s item for all fans of Dolemite!





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