Certain Prey

Directed by Chris Gerolmo

Certain Prey

Mark Harmon, Lola Glaudini, John Sandford (author)

Television superstar Mark Harmon stars as Lucas Davenport, hero/anti-hero of John Sandford’s bestselling “Prey” series.

Top cop Lucas Davenport doesn’t need his job; he could have retired long ago with the money he made designing computer simulations. But Davenport loves what he does just as much as he loves nice suits, fast cars and women. When a cop is shot after witnessing the murder of the wife of a local real estate lawyer, Davenport is called to the scene. The police quickly zero in on the husband as the prime suspect until a team of FBI agents descends on Minneapolis with evidence linking the crime to elusive hit woman Clara Rinker (Tatiana Maslany – The Vow). Taking charge of the investigation, Davenport suspects that Clara is not working alone and sets his sights on Carmel Loan (Lola Glaudini – Blow, Invincible), a high-powered attorney with an intense obsession for the real estate lawyer. As Carmel and Clara try to cover up their crimes, the body count grows and Davenport does what he does best—break all the rules in order to nab this deadly duo.

<p>“Harmon knows how to deliver what many of the 19 million people who watch “NCIS” every week are looking for”<br /> -The New York Times</p>