Black Spring Break: The Movie

Daron "Southboy" Fordham, Kenny Flyy, Le Kisha Raine, Tonya Harris, Demetrius Warton

Marlon Parry

When All-American college football star Day-run Southboy (Daron Fordham) and his friend, Rapper Kenny Flyy, hit the sands in Daytona Beach for Black Spring Break- the biggest, wildest, party of the year- every sports agent and gold-digger wants a piece of him. Shot against the back-drop of the real Black Spring Break and featuring an incredible soundtrack, Black Spring Break is the party movie of the century! It’s Booty and the Beach with a soundtrack that’s da bomb… ’nuff said.






Marlon Parry

"Movie Pick of the Month" by B.E.T.'s Teen Summit

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