Anthony: Warrior of God

Directed by Antonello Belluco
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Anthony: Warrior of God

Jordi Mollá, Paolo De Vita, Matt Patresi, Damir Todorovic, Giovanni Capalbo

St. Anthony (Jordi Mollá- Blow) was born to affluent Portuguese nobles, but rejected material wealth to become a Franciscan monk, dedicating his fine mind and fragile body to defending the poor and oppressed against injustice.  The story is told by Folco (Paolo De Vita- The Caiman), a reformed criminal and Anthony’s closet disciple.  He recounts the story of the revolutionary saint who dared to challenge the money lenders that enslaved the people of Padua, led by Ronaldo (Damir Todorovic- The Nativity Story), a man who valued money over human life.  Anthony fearlessly took on the highest spheres of society- even the Church- in defense of the common people.

The internationally acclaimed film features an ensemble cast of great European actors, including Joe Capalbo (The Passion of the Christ), Matt Patresi (The Nativity Story), ARnoldo Foa (Excellent Cadavers) and Franco Francescantonio (Goya in Bordeaux).


<p>“A stupendous performance by Jordi Molla, who perfectly embodies the spirituality and mysticism of the Saint, proving that he is an actor for all time.”—</p>