A Day in Black & White

Directed by Desmond Hall

A Day in Black & White

Harrold Perrineau, Anthony DeSando, Francie Swift, Lonette McKee

Two close friends, one black (Harold Perrineau- The Matrix Reloaded, “Lost”) and one white (Anthony DeSando- A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints), get into a heated discussion on race relations, kicking off a series of interconnected stories that explore the racial terrain of New York City.  Always unpredictable, this groundbreaking comedy takes a fresh and humorous look at affirmative action, interracial dating, nappy hair, white guilt, slavery, organic chitllins, Barbie dolls, the rock-vs.-disco debate, and a host of other issues that continuously plague our diverse society.


"Sincere, insightful, and sometimes flat-out hilarious….recalls vintage Spike Lee."—Daily Variety