The Luau

Brian Hooks, Maia Campbell, Troy Winbush, Faizon Love

Barry Bowles

Taking a “Q” from the urban classics House Party and Friday, filmmaker Barry Bowles presents THE LUAU, the story of a young man’s quest to get paid and lei’d. Cedric needs money fast! His dad is demanding rent and the neighborhood gangstress has vowed to “bust a cap” in his ass if he desn’t pay off his $2,000 gambling debt pronto. He’s just been fired from Hot Link-on-a-Stick, and male prostitution wasn’t the dream job he’d hoped it would be. With his dad and sexy new stepmom away for the weekend, Cedric knows what he has to do: Since the old man said no parties– or “Q’s”–;Cedric throws a luau for profit. A great idea if every freak in the neighborhood doesn’t show up…which they do!






Barry Bowles

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