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Critically Acclaimed Cult Classics

Major 45th Anniversary Theatrical Release in April 2018. This is one of the original, bona-fide “Midnight Movie” phenomenons, and has been on many critics’ top-ten lists many times over the decades.

Controversial from inception, this misunderstood masterpiece by Ralph Bakshi is finally getting the recognition it deserves, partially due to the efforts of The Wu-Tang Clan.

A truly unique mockumentary from Australia. Highly reviewed by critics, but with a rather ‘earthy’ setting, it’s funny and entertaining, loaded with ‘bathroom humor’, but with heart as well. Still maintains a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pioneering Black Filmmaker: Rudy Ray Moore

Of all of the films of the “blaxploitation” era, Dolemite stands out as the most known, truly independent

Pioneering Black Filmmaker: Melvin Van Peebles

  Restoration in progress

 Restoration in Progress

Pioneering Black Filmmaker: Jamaa Fanaka

  Restoration in progress